Monday, July 2, 2012

Absorbing Other Cultures...or, What I Drank in France

Greetings to you all out there in West Toast Land! I have been on a cycle tour in France for the better part of June, and am happy to be back in the states if for no other reason than to find a good hoppy IPA.  Despite the lack of bitter in my beer, I had a wonderful time sipping in the Rhone-Alps, and, if you will permit me the indulgence, have decided to post a photo journal of sorts...

We climbed at minimum a col (mountain pass) a day, meaning we earned our drinks!!!

At the top of the Col of Aravis (39-times on the route of Le Tour) we had our first beer

Much of the time you get wine on tap

In Chamonix we drank the local wine while looking at Mont Blanc

 These were great little numbers to take on hiking trips. Screw top and green plastic!

 Best wine we had the whole trip - paired with mushroom risotto and Italian sausages

The spoils of happy hour

Rose wine is very popular

Lunch wine - nomnomnom

Beer for strength after the Col du Corbier

My attempt at being artsy turned into a Swiss Army Knife ad - then again we had ridden over the pass to Switzerland for lunch...

Best beer we had - veeery fruity


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