Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finnegan Cider

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I got the opportunity to try this lovely cider while picking up some supplies for my France trip. I took a breather in my chicken-with-head-cut-off day to sip and enjoy something brilliant and unique.

I developed a taste for good cider when I lived abroad in England for a while. Most pubs worth their salt had at least one good strong one on tap. Sadly I find that when I locate a cider on tap here in the states it tastes more like alcoholic tart soda or apple juice than something I can really get behind. Since my arrival in the Pacific Northwest I am slowly becoming a believer in US ciders. Finnegan Cider is most certainly a front runner for me in this category.

Let's start with powerful. If you are one who likes those alco-pops to which I earlier referred, stay away. Even the semi-dry version (pictured above) is intense and only slightly sweet. If I had not had the dry cider to compare it to I would simply call it dry and leave it at that. Both ciders were bold with flavors that went beyond apple - tannic, and, in the semi-dry, a hint of golden honey. These ciders also boast a higher alcohol content (9-11%) which packs on an extra punch. These ciders are meaty and stand well alone, but could easily be paired with strong-flavored foods. I plan on sipping the semi-dry with some barbecue this summer.

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  1. Love this fine cider brew. Not all gross and sugary-sweet....just right!