Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seattle Beer 5k

I had the great fortune to get up to Seattle this past weekend to see Sir Paul McCartney play at Safeco Field. Man, can he rock! 3 hours of awesomeness including encores with the remaining members of Nirvana. It was a great concert, and the kickoff to an excellent weekend. 

But really...how does one follow that????

My friends Dennis and Rita offered up an incredible suggestion - join them as they lead the Beer 5k offered through their branch of the company, City Running Tours. It's exactly how it sounds...take a run to see the sights in the city, and top it off with a frosty brew. Exercise and beer? Count me in. 

The Beer 5k starts and ends at the Fremont Brewery (I will get to that later), and treks around the fun and funky neighborhood of Fremont. The tour takes runners along a relatively easy run (a couple of short and satisfying hills at the start) to see the artwork, Gasworks Park, and along the Burke-Gilman trail. We shook hands with Lenin, used our bodies as sundials, and even climbed on dinosaurs and trolls. Dennis and Rita were awesome guides (bias aside, of course), and filled the tour with photo ops and silly jokes. It was a great way to see a part of Seattle that I love, and learn something new around every corner.

We wrapped up, as I said, at the Fremont Brewery. I enjoyed the open-air feel of the space and the outdoor seating. The brewery was even dog-friendly, and I got to pet ALL THE DOGS!!!! I tried the Randall IPA. Unlike the intensely hoppy IPAs I usually find in the Northwest, this was balanced with hops and citrus. Lemon-y with a ginger nip, this was a great beer to sip while chatting with the other runners. 

Thanks Dennis and Rita!


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