Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eatin' (and drinkin') Amer'can

It was hot out - well, OK, it was like 68 degrees. Hey, I've been living in Oregon for a year and a half now...back off.

Greg and I were discussing whether or not there are any truly American foods that are not overly-processed crap, or fast food (which, generally, is overly-processed crap). We came up with a short list that included one of my favorites - barbecue. If someone out there has a historical reference that points to another country for the origins of this Southern specialty please let me know.  I will be applying for a visa ASAP.

We are lucky enough here in Corvallis to have a really delicious and affordable BBQ place - Brew BQ. One of the things I actually like about this place (besides the fact that they sell massive hunks of smoked meat), is that they do not make claims to be BBQ from anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest. This allows them to be original and put their own twist on a great food genre. I particularly enjoy (aside, of course, from the massive hunks of smoked meat) their braised local greens with wild mushrooms.

I picked up some Brew BQ for Greg and I the day after our American food conversation (fortunately for us had the conversation been about Canadian food there is a place in town that sells poutine). Sadly I was unable to pick up a bottle there, so I had to hit the grocery store on the way home.  I was quite pleased with the selection - Elysian Brewery's Men's Room Red.

When I drink beer I usually go for either significantly sour or significantly hoppy. I have not really spent time drinking malty beers since I graduated from college and no longer lived off of $2 solo cups full of Killians' Irish Red. That said, this beer opened with a light hoppy taste that moved gracefully into a malty finish. It held up well to the powerful flavors in our BBQ sauce, and complimented the smokiness of the meat. I found the red-orange color to be beautiful and clear, and thoroughly enjoyed the drinkability and crisp smoothness of the mouth feel. This beer was wonderful with food, but I would certainly recommend it for a cold pint on a hot day (maybe hotter than 68 even)!


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