About Us


Semi-pretentious enthusiasts of wine, beer, and the spirits of the West Coast.

Launched in May 2011, WestToast unifies the editorial vision and history of The Oregon Wine Blog, one of the original wine blogs in the Pacific Northwest founded in 2007, and the [BW] Beer Blog, bringing you good beer since 2006.

Our philosophy is to present the connection between people, place, and the spirit of wine, beer, distilled beverages, and culinary excellence in the Western United States.

Our goal is to share our passion for experiences and stories. Our mission is to make fine wine, craft brew, local spirits, and regional cuisine more fun, sexy, and approachable for the next generation. You won't find many really technical or stuffy reviews, rather, stories of the people behind the products and the experiences that make the West Coast a special place.

The geographical focus of WestToast spans California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and an occasional dalliance beyond those boundaries when we feel like it. Topically, if it goes in a glass or on a plate it's fair game. If it is alcoholic, even better.

Article Series

From time to time, we find a topic either so compelling, absurd, or popular that it warrants an ongoing series. Browse some of the past series for a look into our psyche:

Other Ventures

Need any one of a number of beverage related services provided by amateur experts? We do that. We consult on wine list development, trip and event planning, and winery website design. We do photography. We'll pour your booze, bottle your booze, drink your booze, or serve on your tasting panel. We welcome ideas and partnerships that will advance our goal of making the industry more accessible. On the cheap, too...we're not in it for the money, we'll often work for booze. Contact us to get those creative juices flowing.