Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lost Abbey Angel's Share Bourbon at Urban Family

Tonight (well last night when you are reading this) I was going to write a real, legit post.  But, sometimes life happens.  And in this case, work happened.  A day of meetings wall to wall meant that I was behind...and I have delusions of going on vacation next week so I just can't be behind.

So, instead of blog writing, Urban Family Public House happened.  With my laptop, and email writing instead.

Located at 5329 Ballard Avenue in Seattle and convenient walking distance from my condo, Urban Family is quickly becoming the go-to relaxed destination that I've so craved since moving away from Block 15 in Corvallis.  With 25 tap handles, a rotating selection, and plenty of belgians, Pac NW beer, and East Coast selections, this is my kind of place.  Who wants a beer?

I like bourbon and I like beer, so the Lost Abbey Angel's Share Bourbon was a natural choice for me.  In fact, Urban Family had 3 barrel-aged beers on tap this particular evening, but the bourbon aged would do the trick for me.

Brewery: Lost Abbey
Style: American Strong Ale Rating: 94 Rating: 100 overall
Serving: 12oz on tap

So I actually didn't realize how highly rated this beer was until I just looked it up, but it makes sense. It is fantastic. Like, unicorn farts fantastic. It took a few minutes to open up but once it did, there was the dark bourbon and oak influences balanced by vanilla and beery goodness that I know and love.

At 12.5%, unfortunately one was enough to do the trick on a school night. I was left wanting more, and in fact, will probably go get some more this weekend if Urban Family still has it left on tap.

The added bonus to a Wednesday night answering work email? It's all day happy hour at Urban Family resulting in a $1 discount on all beers. Score.

So while I don't have a fancy picture, or any picture at all of this beer, take my word for it: you'll savor every drop. If you find yourself in Ballard over the next few days hit up Urban Family and ask for the Angel's Share Bourbon. Tell them WestToast sent you. They'll have no idea who you are talking about but they'll probably still give you beer.

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