Monday, December 23, 2013

Gift Horse 4: 2011 Eola Hills Reserve Pinot Noir

HELP! I was asked to bring wine to a party, and I don't know anything about wine. What do I doooo!?!?!?! 

Ok, let's start with taking some deep breaths and realizing this is not actually a crisis. Calmed down? Cool - now we can chat. 

So your friend is having a dinner party and asked you to bring wine. Perhaps they were fooled by the last wine contribution to their events and think you know what you are doing with selection. Perhaps they are about as clueless about wine as you are, and just wanted to delegate the responsibility and let someone else look like an oaf. Perhaps no one gives a care about what they are drinking, and no matter what you get it will taste like wine and people will drink it. Regardless you have been tasked, and you need to get going. The party is in an hour.

My first (and simplest) question is: what do you like, and what does your friend like? Go with that. 

Second (and slightly more complex): do your get red or white? Find out what is being served for food, and Google "wine pairing 101." Don't know what is being served? I refer you to question #1. Go with that.

Third (and most complex): what will happen if you choose poorly? If the answer is "I will be barbecued by my friends and paired with the bad choice wine," go with #2. If the answer is "nothing," go with #1. 

One wine i am going to bring to a party this season: 2011 Eola Hills Reserve Pinot Noir. Why not give them a taste of what the Willamette Valley is known for? This pinot will certainly fit the bill - lightly oaky with a gentle spiciness and a lot of ripe dark fruit, this wine would be amazing with heavier dishes like beef. It can also pair nicely with stronger vegetarian dishes with nutty or mushroom flavors. 


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