Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift Horse 2: 2012 Erath Pinot Blanc

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Let's talk about cost when giving wine as a gift - is it OK for the wine you are giving to be one that does not lighten your wallet too much? Well, consider the occasion, the person, and most importantly, the wine. We did a series not too long ago called "That's a Steal" that highlights wines with an amazing value for the price point. Not able to spring $30-$50 on something "fancy?" No worries. Check out our staff picks from that series...or go to your local wine store (not the wine section in a grocery store) and ask the staff to help you. 

I was in Boston last year prior to Thanksgiving, and was going to head to NY to see my family. My mother had asked me to bring wine. While in the wine store, I ended up chatting up a fellow who was picking the wine for their holiday dinner. He thought I was a staff member, and thus asked me to help him out. His goal: get wine that was tasty enough for the winos at the table, but was not very expensive because most of the folks at the dinner did not really care or know about good wine. This was also my goal, so we trekked around the store and shopped together. I ended up with 3 bottles, but he walked out with 3 cases! The staff at the store were so appreciative, they gave me a free corkscrew with my purchase. 

One wine that is delicious and does not break the bank is 2012 Erath Pinot Blanc. If you want to bring the essence of Oregon summer to the party, this is a wine that can help you do it. Bright and fragrant, this wine carries melon and apple flavors as well as honey and citrus. It goes well with a cheese plate, and can also cut the saltiness of ham. This wine will please a range of guests, and has a price point that will not break the bank.

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