Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kiss of the New Year - Nice and Naughty

Overheard at my house recently:

Me - So cool! The 2 Towns guys are on the Oregon State website's front page!
My roommate (who shall remain nameless) - Nice - are they like advertising there?
Me - Yes, colleges are now selling ad space to hard cider companies.
My roommate - Ok, so perhaps I did not think that one through.

No, OSU is not advertising hard cider, but they are celebrating the achievement of a few of their awesome alumni!

And they hit the fairway again with the great seasonal, Nice and Naughty. I picked up a bottle when I dropped in to their new tasting room on HWY 34 outside of Corvallis (nice digs, by the way). I find the name of the cider not just seasonal, but apt when considering its flavor profile. It starts with a powerful and well-rounded tart apple (niiiice), and ends with the kind of spicy nip that makes any good kiss naughty.

Check out the lineup for seasonals at


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