Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Beer Month: In 140 Characters or Less

While most beer bloggers hope that they can make a career out of drinking and writing about beer for most of us that just isn't an option.  The majority of us have another job that is paying the bills, and for our beer.

That's my situation anyway and so sometimes that other career leaves us a little short on time to get the perfect Winter Beer post written by deadline.  That was my case this week so since my "other" job involves a lot of social media - I reached out to my friends online for their favorite Winter Beers.  Here is what they had to offer, each in 140 characters or less.

Kristian Hadden Adair:
McMenamins Gingerbread Stout, 7.1 abv, Nitro. Dark, Creamy, strong, gingerbready and good.

10 Barrel Pray for Snow is pretty darn good as well. Quintessential 10 Barrel- robust, dark, good blend of hops and malt, and quite strong.

Shanna Sheridan:
Kulshan Kitten Mittens Winter Warmer, because it's always sunny in Bellingham, or at least this beer makes it feel like it.

Eric Gewirtz:
Brooklyn Winter, which you may not be able to get in Washington/West Coast. Pithy summary: "yum

Bill Brooks: 
Stone Brewing Company, San Diego, Belgian style winter warmer 12-12-12. It's a flavorful, dark, chewy, strong ale with seasonal spices.

Jeff Evans:
Schooner Exact Hoppy The Woodsman, Smooth, high ABV, but really tasty and gives you a good winter feeling

Laurelwood Vinter Varmer, Probably my favorite Portland brewery, their Vinter Varmer is both hoppy and rich, which equals yummy.

Hopworks Urban Brewery Abominable Winter Ale, Almost like a winter IPA, comes in cans/bottles/draft. Really enjoyed this one from the organic brewery.

Kevin Groeneveld:
Blue Moon Winter Abbey. Sweet and Flavorful. Little bit hoppy for my tastes. But good.

Cynara Lilly:
Coors Light. Tap the rockies. Great if you don't like beer

Doug Stinton:
Powder Hound from Big Sky Brewery.

Jessica Shanmac:
Widmer KGB Russian Stout with the Coffee Bourbon (Salt & Straw ice cream that they paired the beer with).  Chocolate Stout was really good on its own too!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!  I'm excited to give most all of these a try!


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