Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don't be an out-cider part one: 2 Towns Made Marion

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of...cider???? 

I don't mind if I do! Especially when it is Made Marion from 2 Towns Ciderhouse in Corvallis/Eugene. I came across this wonderfully tart and fruity treat recently while on a sailing excursion with my friend Chris. He had stowed away a bottle below decks between the rum and the grog so that we could enjoy something light and crisp on the hot, and unfortunately, relatively calm and sunny day. We were fortunate enough to get out on a small sailboat borrowed from a friend, and with our scull and cross bones showing us the direction of the wind, we set out to sail at a scorching 2 knots (OK - we got up to about 4 at one point).


The cider and the company truly made the day. We sipped it from pewter steins as we fumbled with slack sails, enjoying the light berry sweetness that faded into the tart of hard cider. The mouth feel was smooth and well-carbonated without feeling like soda pop. I enjoyed the roundness of the flavor, and appreciated both the uniqueness of a marionberry cider as well as the cleverness of the name. I also really enjoyed the deep maroon color and bright, berry nose.

Made Marion is the current seasonal cider out of 2 Towns Ciderhouse, and can be found both in bottles and on tap. I can't say I prefer it either way - I've had both and they are both delicious!


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