Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breakfast (erm...Brunch?) Beer

I do it every Saturday I am in Corvallis: walk to town, buy coffee at local shop, go to farmer's market, buy veggies and eggs, get brunch and breakfast beer. 

This week I was able to play a bit when I ordered my breakfast beer.  Usually I just get something on tap because I really only want one glass.  This time though I was going to be joined by my roommate Brian, so I started to peruse the bottle listings at Les Caves.  Brian is a fan of IPA, but I wanted to branch him out into something new (and drink something that seemed more breakfasty).  On a recommendation from @LesCavesDrew, I opted for Speedway Stout from AleSmith in San Diego, CA.

This coffee-forward stout was aged in bourbon barrels, and boasts 12% ABV.  The flavor was lightly sweet with a the strong coffee flavor one would want in the Pacific Northwest.  There was a distinct roastiness, with caramel at the center, and malty at the finish.  Brian enjoyed that the beer was bitter enough to satisfy his taste buds, and I enjoyed the almost coffee-liqueur sensibility.  Combine that with a rich, dark color and texture you can almost chew on, and you have yourself an amazing beer for breakfast, or any other time.

We paired it with pork belly hash with maple sweet potatoes and eggs sunny side up.  The coffee-bitter of the beer cut the sweetness of the potatoes nicely, and took the greasiness out of the pork.  Truly an awesome brunch.


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