Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Upcoming Event: Don't Call it a Comeback....Merlot Gone Mad

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Merlot Gone Mad

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But in this case, as with all red wines, cool room temperature would suffice. However, I don't mean to glaze over the real issue at hand: Merlot, and the fact that it's mad. And let's be honest - can we blame Merlot for it's anger? You've heard the song; "You don't pull on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don't give short shrift to Merlot." I think that's how it goes, anyway.

Let's not dwell in anger, as I want to move on to more productive matters. Merlot is back, though we wanna-be wine snobs have turned up our noses at it, all because some actor who's dad used to be the commissioner of Major League Baseball gave it a bad rap in what was, all in all, a pretty good movie. A real bad rap, like the kind you'd find on an MC Snow album. Merlot, however, has forgiven us our snobbery. Merlot has been the bigger man, er...grape.

To celebrate, Merlot is throwing a party. A big party.

On Sunday, May 2nd, 2010, from 3-6pm, Merlot is blowing the roof off the Tulalip Casino and the food and drink will be way over the top. (If the roof explodes you never know what money might go shooting out.) In addition, Merlot invited some friends, true friends, the kind who have kept churning out top notch examples of why we should have never turned away in the first place. Merlot is, after all, the varietal that put Washington Wine on the map. Merlot done in Washington is done very, very well and it's high time we were reminded of that. Fifty, that's right I said 50, Washington wineries will be pouring over 100 wines.

It's time we remember why we loved it so much the first time - because it goes so damn well with food. And the folks from Tulalip Casino will be providing some well paired bites that will no doubt knock our socks off. Bites featuring beef, lamb and Iserno's chicken sausage will be thoughtfully crafted to pair with this food-friendly wine.

Merlot Gone Mad will certainly turn that frown upside down. For $45 for the general public, and $35 for Oregon Wine Blog readers you'll get to enjoy the food, the wine and educational seminars on wine by Don Corson from Camaraderie Cellars; David Merfeld of Northstar; Patricia Gelles of Klipsun Vineyard. (OWB readers can get the special price by entering the discount code OWB10 and clicking "Show Additional Prices")

At $45, this is already a deal, and at $35 for Oregon Wine Blog readers, it's down right crazy. $35 for the chance to take a crack at over 100 wines, food from Tulalip's incredible culinary staff, and then you throw in wine education on top of that? Are you serious? Maybe Merlot Gone Mad is a sign, and Merlot is crazy for offering this kind of a deal. Merlot, maybe you need help, my friend.

Nonetheless, I say let's take advantage of this momentary lapse of reason. For $35 can you think of a better wine-focused way to spend a Sunday afternoon? I didn't think so, folks. Get your tickets here, and I'll see you at Tulalip, the number one place for fun.

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  1. Sounds like this is going to be an incredible event. That picture you found is very troubling.