Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holidays and Block 15 Update

Happy holidays to all the readers of The Oregon Wine Blog!

It’s an interesting time here in the Willamette Valley where an infrequent day of sunshine, like today, provides respite from the normal fare of rain, rain, and more rain. Here in Corvallis, the exodus of college students leaving after finals has in an instant provided easy access to restaurants, stores, and other services in town that isn’t possible when school is in session. This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all that this blog is about – fellowship, fun, and the culinary bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Last night a group of us went to a Chanukah party, with a traditional serving of latka and kosher Jewish wine. In addition, off of the shelf also came a bottle of Barnard Griffin Syrah, Eola Hills Merlot, and Ste Chapelle Riesling Ice Wine. All the elements came together for a wonderful evening.

As noted back in early November, our staff has been closely monitoring the progress of a new restaurant and brewery in Corvallis – Block 15. Opening the doors in mid-January with a twist of “Independent, Local, and Unique”, Block 15 is going to add a refreshing take to the culinary scene. We have been privy to some menu tastings and have also been in the facility throughout various stages of development, and excitement is abound. The other night I tried a delicious smoked salmon spread that will call for an evening at the brewpub with a bottle of Riesling. The Oregon Wine Blog has assisted in developing the wine list for the restaurant, and while the final list will take shape based on availability of distribution, price point, and the preferences of the founders, our recommendations included wines from the following wineries:

With that, I’ll bid adieu as we take off for another holiday party this evening. In the coming weeks you can look forward to a feature on pairing wine with a traditional holiday dinner, using wine from Willamette Valley Vineyard’s Wine Guild, in addition to the usual smattering of wine reviews, winery visits, and industry analysis.


  1. Thanks for the mention! We hope you enjoy Sokol Blosser wines at many of your holiday parties this year. Cheers!

    Kitri Culbertson
    Marketing Coordinator
    Sokol Blosser Winery

  2. Can I make an even more local suggestion to go with the smoked salmon dish at Block15 - how about some of their beer :~) a pilsner, wheat beer or even lighter bodied dark beer like a mild or stout might fit the bill perfectly. Hoppy New Beer!