Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chateau Lorane - Cuvee Prestige

This evening, as has become an unofficial tradition, I opened a new bottle of wine - Chateau Lorane - Cuvee Prestige. This happens to be a white table wine that should be served chilled, not cold, as could easily be done by error. As per the Chateau Lorane website, this is a blend of 60% Viognier and 40% Sauvingnon Blanc.

This is another wine that has a nose I really enjoy. Like a true Viognier, there is a great scent of a mixture of fruits - with a slight hint of possible champagne? By the scent alone, you would imagine that this wine would be one for those of us who are bigger fans of sweeter wines. However, when you take your first sip, the fruit sensation and anticipation of what could be is all gone. This is a very dry wine that has a flavor more tart than I would like. I don't like the harsh after taste that exists either.

Overall, I am unimpressed with this wine to the point that I struggle with what more to write. It has a great nose, which can be very misleading, both to those who like sweeter wines (and realize it is not), and the ones who don't like sweet wines (and think it is). Aside of that, not much else is left. There are some sporadic bubbles that I find to have developed in my glass, but not in the bottle.

Oh well, you cannot win them all, and you never leave a man down.


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