Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That's A Steal: A little Rascal to fight off the rain

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It's pouring in Portland right now as I sit snuggled up on the coach with a big cozy sweatshirt on, football on TV in the background, an entire bottle of wine in front of me and a big black dog anxious to help me write this post.

While some of my WestToast colleagues have their back pockets filled with "That's A Steal" ideas, I am at the opposite end of the spectrum.  I don't mind an inexpensive wine but I struggle to find bottles that I like enough to buy again. The bottle I finally found is actually the third one I've attempts for the purpose of this post.

Tonight, as many Portlanders avoided the record setting September rain, I scoured the aisles of North Portland's New Seasons for a bottle worthy of a post.  Since those failed attemps earlier in the month - I decided I was going to go with an inexpensive bottle of one of my favorite varietals.  It's hard to miss when it comes to Oregon Pinot Noir.  It's big, bold and almost like a meal of flavor across your palette. 

My eyes kept stopping on one on the shelf tonight.  I had enjoyed it before but was hesitant to pick it up because of the glaring price tags surrounding it.  When one lovely looking lady grabbed two bottles off the shelf though I moved in, making sure to grab one before other customers outsmarted me.  I'm sure glad that I did.

You might recognize the Rascal label because of the angel dog image on the label.  The Oregon Pinot Noir is from The Great Oregon Wine Co. part of Stone Wolf Vineyards and was actually created just a few years ago as winemakers looked for a way to deal with an overabundance of grapes.  You can read more in the 2010 story in The Oregonian.

I paid $8.99 for it at PCC but I'd guess you can find it for even less at other stores.  The bottle is one that will go down easily either on its own or mixed with your favorite rainy day dinner.  There are great cherry and earth tones inside the inexpensive bottle - even Moose thinks the rascally goodness inside is lipsmacking good.

I'm starting a list of wines to always have on my shelf and this will be one of them - though I'm sure there will be more than one Pinot Noir on it because if you like it big and bold - these black grape wines can't be beat.  Enjoy a glass, or three, tonight.  You can afford to throw back a little Rascal.

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