Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#WineWednesday: Future Home of Our Wine Cellar

Many of you playing along at home know that my wife and I just purchased our first home. We were actively searching for about 7 months and it was a lesson in compromise for sure. However, the one thing we never wavered on was having a place for our wine. Over the years we have had wine stored in spare bedrooms, closets, and even just on the floor in the living/dining room. Since we were looking to buy a place, we needed to make sure we could have appropriate storage for our 150-200+ bottles of wine. I give a range because while I normally keep my CellarTracker updated, once we started packing and moving it became all out of whack. One of my first orders of business is to re-inventory everything.

While it ain't pretty yet, I bring you the future home of our wine cellar. Our house is oriented north-south so our garage stays nice and cool. The open houses were on some relatively hot days here in Santa Rosa, CA and this area was still a cool 60 degrees, making it a great option to take care of the valuables.

Wine storage is important and I have definitely lost plenty of bottles due to poor storage so I am quite excited to have an area dedicated to the wine.




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