Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#WineWednesday: Hot Wine is Gross

As you may have seen on Twitter, each Wednesday is dubbed #WineWednesday and provides the opportunity to give mention to those that have something to do with wine. I am bringing that idea to WestToast  and will be bringing you my thoughts on a recent bottle I drank on each #WineWednesday.

This week I was looking forward to writing this post for a couple reasons. The first is that all of last week I was not able to enjoy any delicious wine and I was really looking forward to a nice glass. See, I was on the AIDS LifeCycle last week, a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles over 7 days to raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS research, education, and services. The second reason was the bottle had been picked out for a long time. This past week Katie and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. On our wedding, we had our caterer set aside a case of wine we served at the wedding and each year we open a bottle to celebrate. We were married at BR Cohn Winery and we served the 2006 Silver Label Cabernet Sauvignon. This was to be the bottle I opened this week. However, you can see that the dog’s arms are empty this week...and here’s why.

Unfortunately, an unnamed individual, while traveling down to Los Angeles to meet me at the finish line accidentally left the bottle in the car while they were at work. That day happened to be particularly warm and the temperature outside was in the 90’s, meaning the temperature inside the car was considerably hotter...they didn’t even crack a window like you should when leaving a dog or baby in the car (it's still okay to do that, right?)

When we went to open it to celebrate, to no surprise the wine had cooked a bit and the cork seal was compromised. You can know this because there is wine all around the cork, instead of just on the bottom like there should be. So this #WineWednesday, I give you the simple tip of don’t leave wine in a hot car because the results aren’t pretty. When traveling with wine, consider your transportation plans. Do you need to bring a cooler with you to store the wine while driving? Will you be in the car long? All these matter when traveling with wine.

Until next week, cheers!



  1. 4 years!?!?!? Holy Cow! I didn't realize it had been that long with you and the "Better Half of Andoyle." Congrats...and sorry about the wine...

  2. We're proud of you for completing such a meaningful and ambitious ride! Sucks about the wine...sounds like somebody owes you another bottle.