Thursday, April 12, 2012

Does Pink Count? Tranche Rose.

Aye, Pape!

As Managing Editor of WestToast, I take certain...ahem...liberties when conducting wine business. Featuring a Rose for White Wine Month is one of those liberties because I drink Rose even less than white wine, this selection is delicious, and I want to.

Josh Logic: White wine = summer wine; summer wine = Rose. Rose = White Wine Month.

Like a back alley drug deal, I picked a bottle of the Tranche Cellars 2010 Pink Pape Dry Rose through a friend of a friend after it had been sold out. It was an insider deal, and I can't resist an insider deal. Despite not being overly fond of most rose style wine, I was assured that this particular wine was worth its weight in gold, so I went for it.

Produced out of the Blue Mountain Estate Vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley, Tranche pays homage towards Southern Rhone Culture with this Rhone-styled dry Rose.  Whole bunch pressing and low temperature fermentation led to 5 months of aging on lees before racking and bottling.

As I poured the wine into the glass, the light pink color popped out at me.  Frankly the color reminded me of a super cheap rose that I had a few times when I was younger; the winemaker describes it as salmon -- an adjective I find much more fitting for this classy version of a rose.

A slightly aromatic and floral nose enticed me into my first glass, and upon taking a sip I found the wine to be a bit soft at the onset.  Onset being the key term, because as the wine progressed through my palate I got a punch of wonderful, delicious fruit.  It was a flavor explosion; surprising and delicious.  With an acidic tang on the finish, I found the dryness of this wine created a much appreciated crisp, clean, and refreshing sensation.  I was pleased.  Then, my glass was empty.

Seriously, for a guy who isn't into Rose, this is one that is worth every penny with all of the complexity of a nice red.  Not quite white, not quite red, but perfect for White Wine Month.

While the 2010 vintage is sold out, rumor has it the 2011 is coming soon.  At around 168 cases of production, you better act fast.


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