Monday, March 12, 2012

Wendy's Wine Wednesday

You may have read about my recent adventure in the Rogue Valley; a journey culminating on a Thursday that Erik, Micheal, and I enjoyed the finest dining the greater Ashland area had to offer.

We love fine food. And booze. I've never met a top-cut steak that I didn't enjoy. It can't be caviar and Santana Champagne all the time, though, even highfaluting bloggers such as us have more nefarious cravings.

Urges. Desires. Needs.

The Wednesday before our perfect day in the Rogue Valley was one of those days. Having just finished a 5-day conference, the three introverts were tired. Exhausted. Hungry. And, lazy. A case of wine sitting on the table, we started kicking around ideas for a quick dinner that would pair well with the beverages of the evening.

Like a streak of genius, it hit me.

Fresh, never frozen 100% real North American beef, hot off the grill.

Crinkle-cut pickles, sweet red onions, and thick hand-sliced tomato.

Soft, warm buttered, toasted buns with real butter.

Dave's Hot 'N Juicy.

It's hot, it's juicy, and if that wasn't enough, natural-cut fries with sea-salt sealed the deal.

It was the inaugural Wendy's Wine Wednesday.

A nice Rogue Valley red wine, three bags of finest Wendy's has to offer, and three dudes...hanging out...on a Wednesday night.  What could go wrong?

Well, half of a bottle of wine spilled on the carpet for one thing.  A lack of a grade A milk and rich cream Frosty for another.  I digress.

With full bellies, rosy cheeks, and the happy glow of a good bottle of wine, we cleaned up the wine off the carpet and called it a night...committing to continue the tradition of Wendy's Wine Wednesday, and with that, we share it with all of you.

It's almost Wednesday, who's going to join?


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