Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resolve To: A Week Of WestToast Resolutions - Day 3

As we get older our opinion of alcohol tends to change. In my unscientific studies among my friends I’ve found that we might actually enjoy glasses of wine and pints of beer more frequently that we did during our college years, but now those glasses are both of a higher quality and a more sensible amount.

One of the things I love about my age now is that there is always at least one bottle of wine in my wine rack and usually at least a couple of beers in the fridge so I always have something on hand when I need it after a long day or for a last minute social event.


If you do some research and put it into your budget it is really a great deal for so many reasons.

1. You will get quarterly (this is usually the standard) shipments of wine to help restock your rack.
2. You can take friends in for tastings whenever you’re looking for something to do and you’ll usually find that you all will taste for free, plus you’ll get a discount on the bottles you buy that day.
3. You really get to know a brand and club membership will help you know the tastes, smells and varieties of it, allowing you to more easily understand all other wines.

There are dozens of places along the coast where you can become a member. Some have set quarterly prices while others charge depending on the wine included in each shipment. Some have fees to join while others don’t ask for money up front, they just ask for at least a year commitment to the club. Some allow you to chose only reds or only whites. There are so many options out there that allow you to really customize what you choose.

My suggestion is to pick a place that you can get to in person at least twice a year. While everywhere will ship to you it’s always nice to be able to save that shipping cost and pick it up yourself occasionally. Plus, in person you are able to taste the current flight and chat with the staff about what is new within the company and with the wines. While you’re there you can also take advantage of sales that might be going on (like my household did recently when cases of a fantastic red were marked down to 50% off but I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t gone in).

So take the plunge this year and join. You’ll be part of a new community and you’ll make your wine rack happy.


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