Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Choose the Chosen this Chanukah: Jewbelation 15

"Winter beer...winter beer..." I mumbled, as I scanned the shelves at the Corvallis Brewing Supply store.  I'd been reading all of the fun posts from my co-writers all month, and was anxious to get my own post on the way.  At the beginning of all of this, Josh Gana, our proverbial Santa, had made up a list that I had checked twice, and I was still searching for a beer to profile that perhaps he'd missed.  Something unique that I'd never heard of that would warm me by my woodstove.

When I came across the bottle for Jewbelation 15 I knew I'd met my beer.  Tucked among the other seasonals emblazoned with Christmas lights, wacky Santas, and reindeer, this beer reminded me of all of my Jewish friends living among the unchosen.  Upon reading the label, I noted that the makers shared my combination of reverence and whimsy.  "HE'BREW - The Chosen Beer, Celebrating 15 years of delicious beer and delicious schtick."   I imagined the owners drinking this 15 malt, 15 hop number, hanging out on Christmas day at the movie theatre before going for Chinese.

My plan for this tasting was to include my own of town guests.  My parents had arrived in New York the day before, and had been scooped up in Portland by my aunt coming down from Seattle.  We were poised to spend some days in the bustling metropolis of Corvallis, shopping, dining, volunteering at the food pantry I manage, and, of course, sampling some of the quality beverages of the Pacific Northwest.  Knowing my father is not really a drinker, I had placed my hopes on the women of my family for help with my review.  Sadly I ended up on my own.  My mother and aunt both offered to sample any gin I threw at them, but beer - nope!  I will say that the gin my aunt brought with her, Dry Fly, IS excellent...but this is not winter gin I was on my own.  I lit my candles, polished my dreidl, and popped the top on Jewbelation.

15 malts is right!  This beer's flavor is malty from start to finish.  Sweet, tangy, dry, brown sugar, vanilla...the flavors rolled across my tongue as I sipped.  The finish hinted at the 15 hops, but it was for sure the malts that took the prize in this flavor profile.  The texture was thick and almost syrupy with low carbonation.  I served myself a glass in a wide mouth jar, and the aromas coming up were so strong that I could smell molasses and hops with the glass sitting at the top of my place setting.  This was powerfully aromatic and flavorful.  If you like beers with sweetness and character, this is the beer to choose.  A hint of bitterness at the finish reminded me that I was, in fact, drinking something with lots of hops.  I enjoyed my 22oz bottle throughout the night.  In the end the best thing I ate along with it was Lussekattor, a Swedish pastry that my aunt had brought to the house for us.

So choose Jewbelation 15 on this, the last day of Chanukah.  It will knock your yarmulke off!


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