Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gettin' a Little Girly at the Rhapsody in the Vineyard

People often describe me as a tomboy - I backpack, build things with power tools, play sports, and love to watch NFL with a cold brew on Sundays (that could also of course make me West Toast staff writer Andrea Flatley).  Despite all of these amazing things I like to do, there are others I love that may make one rethink putting me in a box - unless the box is full of wine of course, then box away.


My roommate Emily and I decided to live it up in the big city of Corvallis this weekend, attending the biannual Rhapsody in the Vineyard Downtown Wine Walk.  Seeing as it was a girl's night out we did one of my favorite things - we got all dolled up in pretty dresses!  The wonderful dry-ish heat of the Willamette Valley summers is just wonderful for light cotton dresses, strappy sandals, and rhinestone sunglasses.  We hopped on bicycles, skirts flying, and headed down into town to drink some wine!

Drop Dead Red (4th from the left) sports a sexy label and a note that it is for "adults only"

We hit up something like 10 of the 30 locations, enjoying interesting merchandise, eclectic music, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and drank some delectable wines.  I had many favorites, but I will highlight only a few to spare you a loooog article.  The first, Drop Dead Red by Hip Chicks Do Wine was a lovely and flavorful blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc.  I have to admit that I picked this to taste not because I was curious about this blend, but because of the label sporting a woman in lingerie.  I can't help it - I dig lingerie.  The wine was intense and fruity on the nose - dark cherries and almost a floral scent over the top.  It has a semi-sweet start full of cherry with hints of vanilla and oak coming through to the finish.  This is an excellent sippin' wine - crack a bottle with the girls on the porch and make a night of it!  Throw in some brownies or dark chocolate and you have yourself a party.

Emily found some fun finery along with some tasty plum wine

I've been to a number of wine walks, and what I liked best about this one was that Emily and I were not the only group of ladies who decided to get pretty and drink.  Every place we went to we enjoyed groups of tipsy women giggling and enjoying the evening.  The place we saw the most of this was at Donna Bella Lingerie where we sampled fruit wines from Depoe Bay.  Not only did we get to sip wine while checking out the unmentionables (I mean it - I like lingerie), but we also met the owner Susan and were treated to a discussion about proper bra fitting.  Next girls' adventure will most certainly include a stop in at this place to get taken care of!

I know, I know - this pic is the wrong wine.  The pic of the Crescendo did not come out well.

I'd never heard of Mia Sonatina until this walk.  Out of Amity, OR, this winery is owned by a couple who are passionate about winemaking - and it shows!  We tasted three wines here, and my favorite by far as the '07 Crescendo.  This Cabernet Franc/Cab Sav blend was intense with a balance between bright and dark.  The nose was fruity with hints of vanilla and almost a bourbon scent lingering at the end.  The flavor was equally complex, bringing a near-sweet fruity start with a little vanilla.  This followed with a rich cherry flavor that was bold and dark, with a finish that brought a liqueur flavor that reminded me of cherry cordials.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Perhaps after getting new bras Emily and I will take them out to Amity to hit up the tasting room.

I can’t become one of those women who wait by the phone, eyes a-fluttering...you know, parasols-a-twirling - CJ Cregg

The night was filled with our own giggles, pretty dresses, wine - a lovely ladies' eventing.  Of course once the wine walk ended we went to Block 15, drank beer, and watched football...a girl can only be girly for so long you see.


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