Friday, July 8, 2011

Ballard's Three Courses and a Glass

One recent Saturday in pursuit of an eatery from which to watch the Second Ascent Twilight Crit, I discovered one of Ballard’s best kept culinary secrets: Portalis Wine Shop’s Three Course Dinner.

Located near the intersection of 20th Ave NW and Ballard Avenue, the bar at Portalis was a perfect vantage point to see the finish line of the classic bike race; add some great wine and an awesome dinner special to the equation and you’ve got the makings of a perfect evening.
The magic of Portalis is twofold. Well, for me it’s threefold as the ability to walk there from my domicile is a big plus, but for the broader audience I’ll focus on the two reasons you should visit.
  • Reason one: a phenomenal bottle selection with a reasonable corkage fee. In addition to a robust “by the glass” northwest wine menu, at Portalis you can bring a friend, grab any bottle off the shelf, and the staff will open and pour the wine for just $15 over the retail price. With hundreds of bottles available in the shop, there’s a little something for everyone’s palate.
  • Reason two: The rotational menu Saturday Dinner. Three gourmet courses for a fixed price; often at a very cost effective $25.00. We’re not talking burgers and fries, either. The Saturday of my visit I started off with a nice green bean salad, followed by a delicious pork tenderloin course, and finished with the star of the evening, a sweet corn bread and fresh berry dessert. The food was top notch, service great, and wine pairings spot on.
Next time you’re in Ballard, stop by Portalis whether you’re looking for a glass of wine, a gourmet dinner, a spot to watch a bunch of people in spandex ride around the block on a bicycle, or all of the above. You won’t be disappointed.

Managing Editor Josh Gana also covers wine for Seattle Pulp, a place to share the things Seattle loves. This article was originally published there.

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