Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6/3 Zoo Brew: The Oregon Zoo Brewers Festival

One of the wonderful things about living on the West Coast is that we have some of the best craft beer festivals in the world. Some festivals single themselves out by featuring only one style. Others go for the opposite and host as many breweries as humanly possible. So what's so special about this one? It's in a zoo, duh.

In it's 5th year, Zoo Brew at the Oregon Zoo will be hosting over 20 breweries featuring craft beer, artisan cider, and live music. Just a few of my favorites breweries include Hopworks Urban Brewery, Rogue Ales, Deschutes Brewery, and Ninkasi Brewing Company. As a connoisseur of craft beer and a huge fan of the Oregon Zoo, I can't think of a more perfect way to show my support for both simultaneously.

Because I know you're already thinking it; no. You cannot drink with the monkeys. This is a tasting event and neither monkey business nor monkey drink sharing will be allowed.

The event itself is on June 3rd and goes from 5pm until 10pm at the Oregon Zoo. Click here for more information as well as a link to purchase tickets. See you there!


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