Thursday, June 3, 2010

#WAWine in 160 Characters or Less!

As previously announced, The Oregon Wine Blog participated in #WAwine this evening. A chance for all geeks, winos, and wine royalty to join together on the twitter machine and in real life to talk about something near and dear to our heart: Washington Wine. A worldwide event, we had 2 different correspondents chronicling the night from different locations. So, here you have it, #WAwine in 160 character or less thoughts. Incoherent? Sure. In backwards order? You bet. Still a great time and some great wine!

From The Oregon Wine Blog Headquarters in Corvallis, OR (@OR_Wine_Blog and @rgoranflo):

Thanks @drinknectar. A great chance to drink some #WAWine

"I'm like freaking out" says @rgoranflo. In the best possible way! Glad tonight is an @terrablanca night. #WAWine

Whoa says @rgoranflo. Fruit forward with a little kick at the end. Red Mountain awesomeness. Some good cherry notes @TerraBlanca #WAWine

2005 @terrablanca Reserve Cab Sauv. Bold, Spicy, and oaky on the nose. #WAWine.

2005 @terrablanca Reserve Cab Sauv. Red Mountain. Part 2 of #WAWine.

@Fuzzy_Ninja...@terrablanca Barrel Select Syrah is a fab option.

@Fuzzy_Ninja A great #WAWine for rainy camping...Airfield Bombshell Red, Barnard Griffin Cabernet...

RT @clivity You know the best thing about #wawine ? The people..@coop_cwc @yasharwinemongr @redmtngal @fidelitasjess just to name a few

Ladies and gentlemen, @terrablanca is for real! Check them out. #WAWine

Anybody else drinking #WAWine in Oregon tonight?

@clivity you drinking some bud light? #WAWine

@clivity is probably rocking the house! #WAWine

F*ck this is good, says @rgoranflo of the @terrablanca Onyx. A medley of dark red fruit. #WAWine

The smell of Eastern Washington big reds blends into a synergy that almost can't be described. #WAWine

@terrablanca Onxy....SO enticing. Did you know they are ustreaming tonight? #WAWine

Lot's of dark fruit on the nose. Cranberry. Currant. Smells fabulous. @terrablanca Onyx. #WAWine

@rgoranflo and I are just tweetimg around with the Onyx waiting for the rest of the party to arrive! #WAWine

2006 @terrablanca Onyx. One of our favorite #WAWine selections here in Oregon!

Big day on the Twitter machine. We are gearing up for #WAWine with @terrablanca!

From the Seattle, WA Office (@clivity):

the singing guy from @waterswine cusses a lot but their syrah is other worldly #forgottenhills #wawine

Wow Eric Dunhm is one hell of a nice guy #wawine

i just met an unemployed cardiologist wtf? #winerocks

dick boushey in the heezy #wawine #winerocks

this hippie guy can really sing but its way too warm for that hat #winerocks

Strange question of the night? @dustedvalley asked me what i was wearing...#wawine

these wine folk can rock the house #winerocks Paul Gregutt rocked us out #wawine

nice running into @kk4wine @winomagazine #winerocks

@kk4wine are you here?

@ghwine look at you tweetinmg way to be. #wwine

@smasnecellars Konner Ray blends are really smooth drinking wines #wawine

drinking @jmcellars 06 syrah with @gjunkin #wawine #winerocks

You know the best thing about #wawine ? The people..@coop_cwc @yasharwinemongr @redmtngal @fidelitasjess just to name a few

@OR_Wine_Blog no, the winemaker from Sleight of Hand #wawine

trey busch just tried to wring some wine out of that @fidelitaswines 07 rd mtn...and it worked #wawine

somehow it took me this long to have @efeste but the Feral lives up to the hype wild animal all over the place #wawine

@tarynmiller is celebrating her b day week here @ #wawine tweetup @hardrockseattle

@yasharwinemongr ran off w my camera and god only knows what kinda photos he took #wawine

faupaux white after red but this @ancwine roussanne is crisp and delicious from destiny ridge #wawine

onto @desvoignecellars san remo sangiovese gold @wineawards #wawine

@dustedvalley im drinking @fieldinghills 07 merlot & chilling w @redmtngal & @fidelitasjess in a sweater #wawine

@coop_cwc is in the house @hardrockseattle onto @grandrevewine III peppery goodness #wawine

starting w @fidelitaswine 07 Red Mtn bold and classic red mtn fruit #wawine

this bus is like a scene from Sartre's Nausea, driver get me to #wawine fast

Nearly #WAwine time. Heading down to @HardRockSeattle soon for the festivities. Big ups to @509wines for hosting a gig in Fremont

Did that make sense to any of you? If so, you are a genius. Or drunk.


  1. Fun! I remember seeing some of these tweets last night. Sounds like the event at HardRock was rocking. May have to head over there for next year's bash.

  2. don't you mean 140 characters or less? or do you get an extra 20 on twitter for being so cool?


    Good times!