Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A menagerie of...well...nothing.

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As Seinfeld put out 9 seasons of a show about nothing, this is a post about nothing. Well, not really nothing, more so a bunch of random things that we call "filler material" in the industry. Really what I'm trying to say is that we haven't made a post in a couple of days and probably won't within the next few days so I feel the need to post something so you don't think we're dead, drunk, or have quit blogging in protest of some unidentifiable event. You get the point.

First, I will be heading to the Yakima Valley tomorrow for non-wine related purposes...but like any good wine blogger will have some time on my hands to do a little tasting and take in the scene. Check back for a full report in a week or so, but in the meantime, does anybody have tasting and dinner recommendations (preferably in walking distance of the Red Lion Yakima Center)?

Second, I'd like to direct your attention to a post on Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog, discussing a new Federal Trade Commission regulation requiring bloggers (of the wine variety) to disclose when wine sampled is provided free of charge to the blogger. Actually, the regulation is a bit broader than just wine and blogs, but the rub is that the same sort of disclosure is NOT required of traditional media. Interesting discrepancy highlighting the battle between new and old media. Check out the post, oh, and The Oregon Wine Blog does at times receive samples, discounts, and entrance into events gratis. We try our best to always disclose if this has been the case.

Finally, stick with us as we have a ton of exciting posts coming up. Still in the barrel are an overview of the state fair wine competition, a continuation of our series on non-traditional wines, some follow-up coverage to the recent Red Mountain / Walla Walla trip, and some book reviews!


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  1. Yakima Valley was great, thanks for the comment. I can't get enough of wahluke slope, horse heaven hills, an red mountain stuff.