Friday, July 17, 2009

Tour de Vino Stage 3: Tyee

After today's stage 3 ride for the Tour de Vino, I can confidently proclaim three things: we chose the hottest day of the summer for this ride, this was the first stage we have completed successfully, and we look good in spandex! Oh yea, today yielded some great wine as well.

Today's stage took us on a 25 mile roundtrip ride to Tyee Wine Cellars, located between Corvallis and Monroe, Oregon. Specializing in "well balanced food wines", Tyee was the first winery in the Willamette Valley that I visited a number of years ago. I've enjoyed their wine ever since. One of the unique things about Tyee is that they produce only estate wines, with three whites and two pinot noirs.

Our experience today placed Tyee in the rare category of wineries that in our opinion don't make a single bad wine. We tried 5, but we'll focus on two.

2007 Estate Pinot Gris: The Gris was the first wine we tasted, and given that we were sweating like you wouldn't believe it was incredibly refreshing! With a temperature of 96 degrees, we needed refreshing. With apple, pear, citrus, and floral notes, I look forward to popping open a bottle with some seafood in the coming weeks.

2007 Estate Gewürztraminer: What good timing! We in no way planned this ahead of time, but today was the debut of their 2007 Estate Gewürztraminer. Another internet debut? Either way, Tyee's Gewürztraminer was another hit with both of us. This one was very dry, very crisp, and once again very refreshing. It also had a healthy amount of spice, which dissipates almost as quickly as your palate has the opportunity to enjoy it. Yet another perfect wine for a ridiculously hot day of cycling.

We took the scenic route back and even though we ended up on a gravel road for longer than desired, it was a great end to a rough week. As a result of the grueling ride and some scheduling challenges, we are modifying stage 4 tomorrow -- look for a review of Belle Valle in Corvallis. If you are in Benton County, though, stop by Tyee and Jennifer will give you a great tasting!


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