Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hot hot my new wine rack!


I'll address that big hot sweaty elephant in the room right off the bat -- it has been hotter than hot in the Willamette Valley this week. Corvallis, for instance, experienced a all-time record of 108 on Tuesday. I was out of town yesterday in Central Oregon, but it was so hot that my roommate set up a special fan operation on my wine rack. Not only was that very kind of him, it leads me to the real topic of this post: my wine rack.

You may recall one year and ten days ago I made a post detailing my exhaustive search for the perfect wine rack: not too big, not too little, not too expensive, and attractive all at the same time. Well, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for but I did find a nice alternative! Wine Blog readers, meet the Williams and Sonoma Modular Australian Pine Wine Rack:

Featuring 12 cross bars and 12 ends, this 72-bottle rack is made from plantation-grown australian pine and has an attractive mahogany finish. After a somewhat grueling assembly process, it was quite the to joy sort and organize my wine in a more efficient mechanism than wine case boxes sitting on the floor of the dining room. It looks nice, too.

While I still haven't given up on my quest to find the "perfect rack," the one graced by my wine right now will hold me over until then. I definitely recommend this product as it is well-received both in function and form.

How are you all storing your wine?


  1. You have inspired me to start my search for the perfect wine rack!

  2. I have something similar, but taller. I put three together to hold over 300 bottles. It kills me becuase not all my wine is temp controlled but that just means drinking it faster.

  3. tenorcat - Thanks for the comment. While it's sad you gave up, it looks like you are designing some great stuff!