Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Revelation with Revolution

For the Holidays, Jennifer was in visiting Bryan, who I work with. I have, over the past year and a half become fairly good friends with these two. We spend time together when Jennifer comes into town, including all of my New Year’s Eve’s since moving to Oregon. In that time, the three of us have talked a lot about wine, and they both know about this wine blog. For Christmas of 2008, the two of them went down to Sacramento to see Jennifer’s brother, and when they returned they brought me a bottle of 2006 Syrah from Revolution Wines. I only regret that I am not sitting with them while I enjoy this bottle, so I make this entry in tribute to them.

I opened this bottle and let it sit for an hour before I poured the first glass. When I poured, I saw a very deep rich color. I could also smell what I thought were berries. There is a incredible coating on the glass when swirled and I think I could smell a somewhat smokey wood sent. I confirm that I do smell berries in my glass, but I have not yet checked the website to see which ones might be there. And now for the first taste…

The first taste is strong and a bit tart, but with a crisp full flavor. There is the initial warming of your throat. As my palate adjusts to the flavors, I can taste the berries, not too strong, but they give this Syrah a bit of a sweet kick as it just enters the mouth and rests on the palate. There are also spices I taste that enhance this wine to add to its enjoyment.

I liken this wine to my relationship with Jenn and Bryan. Bryan, coming from the Midwest, and Jenn from the South, they are a mixture of flavors (if you will), like this wine has a mixture of the tart but crisp flavor. They, like the berries are not too strong, and have warm and gentle hearts that make anyone who is friends with them, feel cared for. And also like this wine, Jennifer and Bryan provide hours of enjoyment with what they bring to the table of friendship I have with them.

So I raise my glass of Revolution to Bryan and Jennifer and for their continued friendship.

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