Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sahalie Closed!

I was saddened to hear a few weeks ago that Sahalie Wine Cellars in Corvallis would be closing on October 25.  Open for 3.5 years, Sahalie has definitely had ups and downs but I was excited when they expanded their kitchen to improve the food service, which from my experience was one of the pitfalls.  It had a nice atmosphere and typically had live music on the we are down to 2 wine bars in Corvallis:  Enoteca and WineStyles.  I'm not a fan of WineStyles, but love Enoteca -- I'm concerned though as it is not very large so how it will respond to the surge of wine-goers remains to be seen.

There are a number of different stories as to why Sahalie closed.  A number of people I have told have had the immediate response, "I'm not surprised."  Their assertion is that rocky service did them in.  It's hard for me to believe that a wine bar wouldn't make it in Corvallis financially, though.  Another story has a falling out between two couples who were in business together.  The official story is that the owners were pouring too much time in to the business and wanted to focus on something else. 

Word on the street is that a new dining establishment will be opening in the old Sahalie space.  I've heard upscale italian...  


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