Saturday, April 26, 2008

Honeywood Winery

My colleague, Aileen, had two friends/family members in town - Daniel and Sophia. We decided there was no better way to spend the very first thing on a beautiful Saturday morning than to explore a new winery. So at about 10am, I met them at Aileen's apartment and we walked the 10 minutes south and arrived at Honeywood Winery.

Honeywood is known as the oldest winery in Oregon. Stan, the person who greeted us and subsequently gave us our tastings proceeded to tell us a bit about Honeywood. They get their grapes from growers in the Eola Hills just west of Salem. They also just recently planted their own grapes, so it will be a couple more years before their are able to see the end result of that. In the meantime they are able to produce over 50 types of wine.

Stan told us about the second owner of Honeywood, whose name I forget, who is responsible for both tasting rooms and the ability of wine makers to sell wines directly to consumers in tasting rooms through lobbying and bills being passed.

Aileen, Sophia, Daniel, and myself tried quite the array of wines and left with about 9 bottles between the 4 of us. I purchased 3 - a Muller Thurgau, a Cranberry L'Orange, and a Pomegranate. I am sure that I will be consuming at least one of those bottles over the course of the next week, once I get them from Aileen's apartment.

So be on the lookout for those reviews.


  1. Are they doing custom crush? Or do they have their own processing facility.

  2. We do our own crush and we have a huge processing area were we make our 52 wines :). Thanks for coming in to visit us.