Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sweet Cheeks 2006 Estate Riesling


Sweet Cheeks Winery is located in Crow, Oregon, at the southern end of the Willamette Valley and is about 10 miles away from our new home in Veneta. Although Steve and I haven't been out to the winery yet (too much painting and garage door installing to do!), I've been eyeing the Sweet Cheeks wines at the local Bi-Mart. The labels intrigued me - the focal point of the label is a black crow, whose eyes were metallic and seemed to follow me as I walked by. It struck me as strangely dark, a little sinister, and made me intensly curious what sort of wine I would find inside.

We brought home today a bottle of the Sweet Cheeks 2006 Estate Riesling. It's outstanding. Just outstanding. It's the perfect Riesling, sweet melon and citrus fruit all the way through, no minerally bite at the finish, and leaning just toward dry. It's sweet but not overly so, it's crisp but not bitey. It reminds me of summer as the chilly fog surrounds the house. I have not been so impressed with a Riesling since I first tasted the Willamette Valley Vinyards version.

Drinking the 2006 Estate Riesling tonight has me greatly anticipating visiting Sweet Cheeks Winery and tasting what else they have to offer. If it's anything like this wine, it's sure to be a treat. I'm also looking foward to seeing what inspired the naming of the winery - the two rolling hills that come together to form distinctive "cheeks." A winery that creates such a wonderful wine and has fun while doing it? It's got my vote.


  1. Sweet Cheeks is a really great place. All the wines in their portfolio are great. The Pinot Noir has a chocolatey finish, and the Pinot Gris is well balanced with just the right amount of fruit and acid.

    They just recently finished a new outdoor patio space, with 3 seperate fountains and plenty of seating. The views from the winery are breathtaking, and some of the best in the area (maybe only King Estate has better). You'll really enjoy going there, and we make a point to stop in every time we are down that way visiting LaVelle and/or King Estate.

    About the eye of the crow on the label, it is a different color, depending on which wine it is. The Pinot Noir is red, with the Pinot Gris either green or yellow (can't remember) and Riesling being the other.

  2. I would agree with John. SC had done a wonderful job with their facility. Often on the weekends, there is live music. The view is spectacular. You can see across the valley to Silvan Ridge. Great for an afternoon or an evening visit in the summer. Indoors has been renovated as well and is a wonderful option of winter nights in the country. Living and working in Veneta, I know how hard it is to find entertainment without driving into town.