Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Block 15

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Tonight the staff of The Oregon Wine Blog got a hard-hat tour of Block 15 -- a new brewpub that will be opening here in Corvallis, OR. Block 15 is located at Third and Jefferson, the location of the original "block 15" of Marysville, before Corvallis was Corvallis. That site was former home to Endzone, Headliners, the Gazette-Times, and the fire department.

We're excited about the opening in January or February. Not only will Block 15 have a wide selection of their own beer and a great, local food menu--but also a nice Oregon/Washington wine list. In fact, Drew and I are working on their wine you know it will have a few gems in it. Most importantly, Block 15 espouses the values that we believe in here. Unique, local product...sustainability...a nice atmosphere...and culinary delights. What more can you ask for?

Stay tuned at The Oregon Wine Blog for details on the grand opening celebration!

11/19/07 UPDATE:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of tasting some menu items the chef was testing for Block 15. Of note was the QUITE delicious Southwest Salad. I recommend highly when they open:

Southwest Salad

Romaine tossed in a spicy tomato ranch and topped with grilled Chicken, black beans, roasted sweet corn, jack cheese, red onion. Garnished with blue corn chips and cilantro.

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  1. Local from Corvallis......awaiting the opening of Block 15, the owners are local kind hearted folks and loved by many....I can only imagine what the brews will be like....keep us informed.