Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#WineWednesday: 2008 Frick Winery C2

As you may have seen on Twitter, each Wednesday is dubbed #WineWednesday and provides the opportunity to give mention to those that have something to do with wine. I am bringing that idea to WestToast  and will be bringing you my thoughts on a recent bottle I drank on each #WineWednesday.
I actually didn’t open a lot of wine this week as I was frolicking around Disneyland this past weekend for my nephew’s birthday. However, I was pleasantly surprised to come home last night after a long night of teaching class to find that Katie had opened a delectable bottle of wine. This week I’m talking about the 2008 C2 from Frick Winery

This wine is a blend of Carignane and Cinsault, two grape varieties that are quite rare, especially in California. The wine had a deep rich ruby color and a great nose of red fruits and I also picked up on a little sweetness in the air. The wine was absolutely delicious and I think it was benefitting from being opened for awhile so it had plenty of time to breathe. I picked up mostly on dark cherry and plum initially but then noticed some great spice on the finish. I was drinking the wine without food and although the wine had medium body, the tannins were light enough that it was still enjoyable on its own. I go for a blend like this when I want a wine that has some weight to it but isn’t so overwhelming or will dry out my mouth with overbearing tannins. The C2 is a great balance of those two things.

I always enjoy opening a bottle of Frick wine because I recall the first time I met visited the winery and met Bill. My in-law’s had visited him and recommended the wine to me so Katie and I went out years ago....we were still “The Oregon Wine Blog” at the time. Bill and I had a great conversation as he told me about the rare Rhone wines he was producing. I didn’t know much about them at the time but Bill never made me feel bad about that. He was so willing to educate and walk me through his wines. His tasting room is a quaint and he is typically the one pouring. I always love going to a tasting room where the winemaker is pouring. I have sent so many friends and family to Frick since discovering it and no one has ever told me they didn’t enjoy their time. It is always on my recommendation list for those looking to try new things.

Until next week...cheers!

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