Monday, February 25, 2013

An Enemy Lives Among Us.

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My heart is breaking and actually has been breaking for about two months now.

"But what could possibly be wrong?" you all are wondering I am sure.  My answer, plain and simple...YEAST!

"But...Micheal...this isn't that kind of blog..."

Oh but it is, and let me regale you with a tale of how yeast, has ruined me.

At the end of the summer and beginning of the autumn, I was spending a considerable amount of time in the Puget Sound area, some for pleasure, some for work.  During some downtime from work, I decided to purchase some bottles of beer to prepare for some posts I had ideas for.  Among the ones I purchased were two from Elysian - Dark O The Moon to do for an autumn post and The Great Pumpkin for a Halloween post.  From Deschutes, Chasin' Freshies - I had the idea to make this largely satirical post, about the start of the academic year that might seem mildly inappropriate only if you didn't pick up on the satire.  

Oh the plans I had, the grandiose plans for the perfect posts.  I had even spoken with my colleague Chris about it since I was also saving a bottle of Abyss.  It was going to greatest triumph (of the season).

I brought the bottles back to my place and put them into the refrigerator because I didn't want them to go "bad."  Well the autumn turned out to be a much busier semester than I could have ever imagined this year, and I am not sure why.  But the next thing I knew, it was time for Winter Beer Month.  I realized I hadn't done my autumn posts, and figured I should take a look at my beers and make some real plans for their consumption and reviews.

I went to my refrigerator, the same appliance I trusted to hold the beverages safe, cold, and ready for the time when they were to meet my palate, and you won't believe what I found and saw in the fantastically chilled brown bottles (or maybe you do, if you are even remotely more familiar with the properties of beer than I am).

I dropped to my knees cradling the bottles in my arms.  The rain pouring down on me like it was cleansing me of the evil I had done.  The thunder so loud, yet still so soft that it couldn't cover the sounds of my screams of anger and discontent.  The lightening, illuminating me in my kitchen, giving only glimpses, nah, mere seconds of the pain my soul was in.

I moped around telling Josh and Chris of the loss I had suffered and explaining that I wasn't sure how I would heal from this great loss.  The bottles and their contents and that evil yeast remain my refrigerator.  A part of me isn't sure which one of them is to blame, who should I really wish the end of - my refrigerator and or the yeast.  I continue to search for a solution, but I wonder, can my heart ever really go on?

Until next time...

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  1. Options:
    1) leave them standing up, let it flocculate, and leave the bottom 1/2 inch in the bottle when you pour into a glass. Check under a light to make sure it has settled to the bottom.
    2) filter through cheesecloth or coffee filter - though this would change the beer to the point that you shouldn't review it in that state
    3) Drink it - yeast is good for you :)