Monday, January 30, 2012

Resolve To: A Week Of WestToast Resolutions - Day 1

(photo from Winter 2011 Beer Tasting before tour At Odell Brewing Co.)

New Year Resolutions are usually more like January resolutions, if that. Most of us make them, or at least think about what we’d like to improve for the upcoming year. If you’re like me you’re scrambling to finish up a monthly goal in the next two days, maybe you’ve already revamped your original plans or you could be fighting off failure and making 2012 a success.

No matter what state your resolutions are in, this week I’m offering up some beer, wine and spirit goals that you can add to what you’re already working on in 2012 or maybe you can use them for a fresh start in February.


Whether your favorite local microbeer or one that you’ve just started to discover, they’re usually free and offer you and your friends and family (at least one I found does allow your kids) a great way to spend a weekend or even a weekday afternoon. It also gives you that behind the scenes look that teaches you where your beer is coming from and gets you more invested in one tasty local business.

Here are some options along the west coast.

Washington: Elysian Brewing Company
“We offer brewery tours by appointment, so if you have an interested party, please call our main office (206-860-1920) anytime between 8am-5pm to request a tour. If it’s just one or two people, you are also welcome to just ask at the bar when you come in and as long as the brewers are not too busy, they will take you back for a quick tour.”

Oregon: Rogue Brewing Company
Everyday at 3:00 Rogue offers tours of its World Headquarters in Newport. Just be in the downstairs giftshop at 3:00 for your tour of the brewery responsible for one of my favorites, Dead Guy Ale.

California: Lagunitas Brewing Co.:
This brewery, in the town I went to elementary school in, offers drinking tours Monday through Friday at 3:00. Then they offer walking tours that don’t involve drinking Wednesday through Sunday at 5:00 (the walking non-drinking tour is also available at 1:00 and 3:00 on Saturday and Sunday). Your kids are welcome on the non-drinking tour.

(photo from Widmer Brewery Tour Spring 2010)

So pick a brewery, pick a date and go visit. Then cross a 2012 WestToast resolution off your bucket list!


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