Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Less than a minute to go in the VCU/Kansas game. Definitely glued...

Time out - less than 30 seconds. I will say that one of the best parts of coming back to civilization from the wilds of Southern Utah (I was there for nearly 5 years!) is March Madness. Oh...back to the game...VCU is going to pull this one out!!!

Killer - what an amazing upset! I make it my own personal rule to root for the under dog - unless we are talking Seahawks, UW, or anyone from the Patriot League (and I will admit that I came to cheer for several of these teams/schools BECAUSE they were or are underdogs). I was thrilled when Butler took out Florida yesterday. I mean, who does not like seeing the little guy win???

The first game of my day started at 11am - after moving West from NY I realize how East-centric our country really is. It being a Sunday I decided to call it a lazy day in bed with my computer watching the games in live feed. As early as it was I decided to forgo the game-day drink and sip on some coffee, but as the day continued, and the game got more and more interesting, I decided to find myself something a bit higher octane.

In the spirit of backing the underdog I chose a label off my rack that sported a pic of golden retriever - Rascal, a 2007 Pinot Noir bottled by the Great Oregon Wine Company. Pinot Noir is by far my favorite kind of red. I love how it is simultaneously simple and complex. I love how the Pinot grapes are finicky and it takes a lot of work and love and time to produce a good wine. I think also I love places that are best for growing these lovely grapes - particularly New Zealand and the Willamette Valley. On any given day I'll roll with the Pinor Noir before any other choice.

I found that it took a little longer than usual to open the nose, which seemed weak to me. I found light aromas of cherry as well as a sour topnote - something acidic and almost citrus which threw me. I worried that the flavor would be off. I was pleased when I tasted it to find that worry unfounded. Smooth and crisp, it first hit me with tart cherry, followed by a spicy, acidic bite and a smoky finish. As I continued to sip I found the flavor profile heightened to include a slow and delightful peppery burn that hit me high in the palette, and a darker green flavor that I still can't identify low in the back of my tongue.

Summit gave this one two ears up

Interestingly, when I spent some online research time trying to learn about the Great Oregon Wine Company, I could only find this page and a couple of reviews on other wine sites. There was a phone number on the back of the bottle. When I googled it I was led to the site for Lindsay Wine in McMinnville. Upon calling the number I got a message of a woman's voice saying, "Thank you for calling the winery..." Very helpful - thanks. So I suppose at this point the Great Oregon Wine Company will remain a mystery at least to me. If you know anything about it please drop us a line!

All in all I found Rascal to be a nice wine that I will be happy to continue drinking by the glass as I head into watching the UK/UNC game. By the time this posts the outcome will be determined, but at the moment you all know who I am cheering for...



  1. Just when I thought Summit couldn't be any cuter, you give her a bottle of wine...

  2. reason 3462 why i should not have kids...the dog gets wine

  3. I believe Rascal is a label belonging to the Lindsays, owners of Stone Wolf Winery in McMinnville.