Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sokol Blosser and Voodoo Donuts


The idea may have been proposed on Twitter, but the result is right here on The Oregon Wine Blog. At some point, somebody from Sokol Blosser's Twitter account dismissed the idea of pairing their wines with doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnut. I immediately dismissed the dismissal with a suggestion of Meditrina pairing perfectly with a bacon maple bar. The result? Let's consult a panel of judges:

There is a smokey nose on the maple bar, which compliments the smell of wine. The bacon stands up to the wine, but the pinot portion of the blend is appropriate in a delicious way to the maple bar. Observers note: his eyes totally rolled back into his head.

The nose on the wine is not very heavy, it's subtle, but I can't tell if it's subtle because the nose on the maple bar is heavier. Your nose leans more towards the maple bar than the wine when smelled sequentially. Very subtle. The wine by itself is full on the palate just after you swallow it and then it goes away. The flavor is very much on the front half of the pallat, almost bitter. Immediate thoughts is that the maple will overpower the wine, which I feel is true. Too sweet. Saltiness and smokiness of bacon is too much. Would suggest pairing with a riesling instead.

The wine really doesn't taste like much since the maple bar is so overpowering.

Me (transcribed by Josh):
The savory aroma of the bacon melds perfectly with the sweetness of the maple. While sweetish on the nose, the wine gives hues of an oakiness that will connect with the maple better than the bacon. When paired sequentially with the wine, then maple bar, then wine - the wine amplifies the smokiness of the bacon making a near perfect match. A bold merlot might go well? Or a barbera? Overall, a recommended pairing.

In short, Voodoo Doughnut bacon maple bars definitely pair with Meditrina. If you're ever near Portland and have the opportunity, I can't suggest visiting any single place more than Voodoo Doughnuts. If you're in your local grocer's wine isle and want a surprisingly unique red blend based on pinot noir, I would highly suggest Sokol Blosser Meditrina. As noted in previous tweets, it also happens to have the best cork ever. Don't believe me? Pick up a bottle and read the cork.


  1. This post is amazing! As a lover of both Sokol Blosser wines, including Meditrina, and Voodoo Donuts, I applaud this tasting effort and am tempted to try it myself.

  2. We love how creatively you approached this imaginative pairing... and yet, how scientifically you went about it! All in all, it just proves that food and wine were meant to be together, and sometimes you need to get a little crazy to figure out the next best pairing.

    Thanks you guys! Keep in touch - we'd love to have you out to the Winery soon!


    Kitri McGuire
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Sokol Blosser Winery