Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Introduction

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rick Goranflo and I am the newest contributor to the Oregon Wine Blog. You see, this day has been quite some time in the making. I've been learning more and more about wine since meeting Josh and have been keeping up with the OWB since its inception.

Before contributing to this blog, I gained a marginal amount of internet stardom as Bob Woodshed; the creator of the [BW] Beer Blog. I absolutely love great beer and blogging about it was a blast, but I found over time my interests started leaning towards wine. Specifically, my time in both the Willamette Valley and the Palouse drew me to big reds. To give you a good idea as to where my preferences lie, Willamette Valley Vineyard's 2005 Griffin Creek Cab Franc is one of my all time favorites.

Today I almost solely dedicate my effort to wine. The [BW] Beer Blog has ceased updating and I guess you could say I am exclusively writing for the OWB. I find this especially fitting as I like to think my suggestion to Josh is what started this blog in the first place =)

In short, it's an honor to be contributing and I look forward to getting to know all of this blog's readers. I also hope to add a little of my blogging expertise to add some new fun things to the site. Feel free to leave a comment and say hi or give any suggestions.



  1. Welcome! I am excited to see what your blogging future with wine has in store. I am also glad that the Griffin Creek is one of your favs! I am the social marketing manager at Willamette Valley Vineyards. :) I am in the progress of revamping our blog and it is such a great project, so look out for it in the future. Maybe we could do some guest blogging?!

  2. Christine - It's great to meet you and thank you for the warm welcome. I'm always open to collaboration and am excited to see what you've got in store with the new bog. I'd love to meet up next time I'm at the vineyard and we can talk about it some more.