Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Visit With A Neighbor

Today brought another early end to the work day for me due to Oregon inclement wintery weather. When I got the notice from my University’s President that we could leave at 3:30, I immediately started to think about what wine I could possibly pass the time with this evening.

I arrived home and let most of the afternoon and evening pass me by doing a little bit of work at home before I decided it might get too late to really enjoy the wine if I didn’t just pick one. Anyone who knows me knows that picking a wine to drink is a task that could be quite time consuming. I have to decide if I want a Northwest wine or not? Do I want a domestic or international? Don’t get me started on deciding between red vs. white. So after about 15 minutes (the clock was ticking against my favor), I decided I would open a bottle from a neighboring winery.

This evening I decided to open a 2006 Oregon Merlot from Eola Hills Winery. Eola Hills located about 10 miles west of Salem, and while it is literally a 15 minute drive from my front door to the winery, I have not been there. I have driven by it many times and made the mental note that I should visit, but after living in the area for about a year and a half, it had not yet happened. Unfortunately, that does not allow me to tell you more about Eola Hills than what is available on their website.

I opened this Merlot and let it breathe for about 45 minutes before I poured the first glass. The color is one that is a rich red-grape in hue, not very transparent to the light. The nose was strong, but not overpowering. I could easily smell the “smokiness” with each whiff. There are light hints of fruits, but I am unable to detect exactly which ones are there. The first sip was surprisingly fruity, again, not overbearing, but clearly noticeable. As I took each supplemental sip, I imagine the flavors landing on my tongue, then spreading out evenly for a very full flavor.

After a while, there is a light aftertaste that I am not completely able to describe. The aftertaste is strong initially, and then subsides. I cannot put my finger on what it is, which I am finding quite bothersome, hoping that it will come to me in the middle of the night perhaps. I would encourage anyone of you to try this Merlot, not to be confused with the 2005, and submit your thoughts on how you would describe the aftertaste.

This is a very enjoyable wine and I highly encourage you all to try it as it could possibly be among my top 10 favorite wines.

Until next time…


  1. Winer
    I tried mine. The 2005 was very nice with dinner - shrimp linguini in marinara.
    The bottle aired for less than an hour.
    I drank with my buddy. His name is Buddy.
    We could not agree on the aftertaste.
    I said it was bitter huckleberry and then mellowing to dark cherry.
    He said it was an immediate aftertaste of ripe musky melon- then, yeasty rye bread.
    The wife tried it - be she hates red. Her wrinkled face produced a response - it tastes like welches on armpits...
    I couldn't see it.
    Maybe burlap or creosote???
    I may need to stop serving linguicia and peperoncini for after dinner...

  2. The 2005 is described as having flavors such as "dark fruit, hint of chocolate, roasted coffee beans and cinnamon on the finish." That could be the fruits you taste. Otherwise, I am not too sure about the burlap or creosote :-)