Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sokol Blosser 11th Edition Evolution

A Memorial Day weekend wine tour with Josh, Drew, Steve, and some other good friends (one from Wisconsin who had only loved macrobrew beer before coming to Oregon) brought us to Sokol Blosser winery. Sokol Blosser, located in Dundee Hills, Oregon is a family owned winery and was one of the first to be established in the Willamette Valley. Located on top of a beautiful vine covered hill, the tasting room feels like an elegant tree house with wood ceilings and large windows overlooking the winery. Sokol Blosser has a library of nine different varietals, ranging from pinot noir to Muller-Thurgau, with two blends, Meditrina and Evolution. Sokol Blosser is known not only for the wine and beautiful location, but for the dedication to running an environmentally friendly winery. Solar panels help provide electricity, and the winery boasts a Silver LEED certified cellar, built underground.

What draws me first to Sokol Blosser's Evolution is the label. Most wine bottles have artist rentions of grape vines and swirly text naming the wine, convincing the drinker this wine will be fine and elegant. Not so with Evolution. The butter yellow label has a crafted feel, as if each one was handmade. The questions "Luck? Intention?" are lettered on the front, evoking a playful curiosity in how the simple elegance of Evolution is created.

Evolution is a blend of nine white varietals. Sokol Blosser does not disclose which nine these are - it's up to the taster to figure it out. The nose of Evolution is reminiscient of a drier Reisling, with honey and tropical fruit notes. The front continues the flavor of a good Reisling, evolving into tropical citrus tones of pineapple and mango, and finishing like a clean, crisp Pinot Gris. Paired tonight with asparagus and cheddar stuffed chicken breasts, Evolution held up well to the sharp cheese but did not overpower the light flavor of chicken. Evolution would be wonderful served chilled on a breezy summer evening with a meal of white fish and grilled vegetables. After allowing Evolution to warm a bit during dinner, it becomes smoother and tastes of fresh ripe strawberries.

Evolution is an easy to drink white blend, and will appeal to both crisp white lovers and those who gravitate toward sweeter dessert wines.



  1. Much agreed! I love your description of the winery and I think you are "spot on mate" on the Evolution. I knew Sokol-Blosser was a winner when we had that Meditrina back in Calgary--and you have described why I was right :)

  2. Evolution has been a favorite white varietal of mine since it's 7th or 8th edition. I love pairing Evolution with spicy food like Thai, Chinese, Mexican, or even spicy BBQ'ed foods. Each is amazing with the compliment of the sweet smoothness of the white wine as it "evolves" throughout the meal. Good choice on a new wine to preview in the blog. My compliments also to the description of the winery.

  3. I agree, Sokol Blosser and the Meditrina was an unexpected find in Calgary. Like our Greek waiter said, why would there be Oregon wine in Canada?

  4. Yeah...guys, I don't think I'm quite ready to post. You call yourselves amateurs...but your analysis is too astute for my taste buds to compare :)